" You can lead the horse to water, but you can't make him drink "

An English Proverb

The " saying " means that you can give someone the opportunity to do something but he may still refuse to do it.

An arabic translation might be "بامكانك أن تقود الحصان الى الماء لكنك لن تستطيع اجباره على الشرب "
In this post, we would like to see more Arabic equivalents to this saying and would like to see your own point of views.


Anonymous said...

Hello all,
I am really so pleased to find such a site. I am an English teacher living and teaching English in West Bank city of Nablus and have the grace to be one of you. Your proverb remindes me of a TEFL book i read two years ago, and after a very complicated explanation of all teaching approaches the writer ends his book by: "education is a self- realization process".

Osaid Rasheed said...

they also say : one man can lead a horse to water but ten cannot make him drink !

I cant think of arabic proverbs but surely there are ones with similar meaning .

good day

Osaid Rasheed said...

check this linl for use:

good day

Thomas Mubarak said...

This English proverb best describes the Palestinian people!

I have noticed that Palestinian people have been given an offer to live in peace and security if they comply with terms of the 1993 Oslo Accords that give them autonomy within Israel.

I see no reason for a seperate Arab State as Palestinian Arabs could just obtain Israeli citizenship and become Israeli Arabs! Israel has 2 official languages, Arabic and Hebrew, and is a state for both Jews and Arabs alike.

The only reason the Muslim-majority rejected the 1993 Oslo Accord is the 3rd holiest mosque in Islam, the Aqsa masjid cannot be under Kufar sovereignity.

This is why the so-called "intifada" (which is better called a seperatist war) continues until today.

When the Palestinia Muslim-majority voted for a Islamic fascist organisation, HAMAS, the Palestine Authority deserves to be placed under political and economy embargoes.

Before ANY peace with Israel can be made, Palestinians themselves must renounce Islamic fascism and embrace democracy, freedom and human rights.

The late Yassir Arafat (may God curse his soul) is certainly not a Palestinian hero but an Islamic terrorist who murdered many Christians.

Until Palestine Authority allows Christians freedom to prosetylise Muslims, which is a basic human right, leave alone the right to form Christian political parties there will be NO peace.

The Christian West will continue its Crusade against Islam, as is seen by the wars in Afganistan and Iraq.

Osaid Rasheed said...

hello PELTA..

keep updating ur files !
best luck and respect