What do you think of the new Tawjihi English course, to those who have taken a look at it ??


Osaid Rasheed said...

I saw some students who are using it. It looks good but I do not think that teachers will be able to finsih the twelve units it includes in this short time available.

What about the listening and speaking part ?? When it comes to the examinations : will the ministry of health be able to test the listening and speaking abilities of students ?? I think this requires huge preparations and capabilities, that i dont think are available !!

The national touch it has is quite inviting I suppose. It is presented in a 'moderate' way, I think, unlike many other curriculum in 'neighbouring states " !!

I truely thank you for such a wonderful idea. i wonder why I dont find any presence for the palestinian doctors, pharmacists, nurses, administratives !!!

Best of luck

dreamer said...

I am going to take a training course on this book next saturday i had taken a close look on the book. i have some points to say:
1. the course is long to finish in two semesters.
2. there are some certain activities that are unable to be applied on 12th grade like listening and speaking.
3. what is the use of integrated skills to a class which is going to perform a general exam??
4.the text has much vocabulary. which and how students are going to be tested??
still, the course is modern and wonderful.

ahmed- USA said...

hi there
could you please add some text of the palestinian course? i am a palestinian living in the states.
thank you and well done...

yara obeyat said...

how can i be a part in this association.i am an english teacher and my name is YARA

yara obeyat said...

i am an english teacher and i want to be a part in your association .how can I??

Palestinian English Language Teachers Association said...

hi yara,
it is your association as well. soon we will be contacting you through your blog and show you how to join.
thank you for your concern.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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